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The jacket has arrived, and we are very pleased with it! – Gary H., Vietnam 1969-’70

I received the replacement jacket yesterday and it turned out great. Thanks for expediting the order. Love the jacket! – Dennis P.

My MA-1 Bravo Jacket arrived today. I’m very satisfied with the product. Thank you. – Raymond H.

I just received my Korea Watch and I’m enjoying it very much. I’m very pleased with the design and quality. – Norman R.

I just received my Purple Heart Veteran Service Ring. I really do love the ring. It’s very well made. I have other Veterans rings but this one takes the prize. Now I own two of your rings, but this will definitely be my go-to ring. I will  spread the word about Veterans Commemoratives. – Andy P.

I want to let you know how pleased I am with my purchase of the MA-1 Bravo Jacket. The appearance and quality far exceeded my expectations. Well done! – Lawrence H.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just received my Veteran Birthstone Ring and it was well worth the price and wait. My husband loves it. It’s everything your company promised and more. My gratitude also for your kind and quick response to my questions while I waited for my order. – Robyn G

I just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you I just love the commemorative watch. It’s just what I was looking for at a good price. Thank you. – Robert B

I received my War Veteran Career Ring today. I must say I am really impressed with the workmanship. It looks great. Any Vet should and would be proud to wear this. Thank you. – Ozell B.

I just received my Stadium Birthstone Ring today. It is much better than I ever expected. Thank you. – Jim W.

I got my Military Service Elite Bomber jacket today and I love it. – Joe C.

I have purchased two of your Vietnam Service Rings. I must say they are both beautiful. The wait for both was definitely worth the time and anticipation! Thank you. – Lawrence C.

I received my Career Ring today and it looks and fits great. I would recommend it to anyone that might want a great ring. – Carl F.

My Veteran Birthstone Ring was delivered just before I went on vacation. The ring is great and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for all your assistance in making all this possible. If at all possible would you pass on to all involved a huge thank you? The craftsmanship and professionalism is greatly appreciated and admired. – Ed A.

I received the Night Patrol Watch today. It was a very nice birthday present for me. Thank you. – Arnold L.

I received my Career ring today and it’s beautiful. I love it. Thanks. – Gordon J.

I received my Service Dress Ring yesterday and I’m very happy with it. Thanks again. – Ron O.

I just received my Night Patrol Watch and I love it. I know I will enjoy it. Thank you. – Leonard A.

I just purchased a Vietnam “Night Patrol” watch. I’ve been looking for something like this for some time. I’ve seen others but this caught my eye when my wife showed me one of your flyers she got in the mail. I’m glad I got it. I bookmarked your web page for future purchases. – Larry K.

I just received my Vietnam Bomber Jacket. It looks even better than I had expected and fits perfectly. I will wear it with pride. Thanks very much! – Ted V.

I want to thank you for pushing the processing of my husband’s Career Service Ring through so quickly. You went above and beyond and I have shared what you have done with many people. We received the ring 13 days after I ordered it for my husband. It fit him perfectly. He wore it as much as he could and had it by his side when he wasn’t wearing it. Sadly he passed away after having only a few weeks to enjoy it. I now have the ring displayed near his flag. Thank you for your extraordinary service! It gives me hope to see good people in the midst of such a difficult time. – Karen G

Thank you for your thoughtful and prompt response to the mistakes we made on my order. I look forward to receiving this watch from you. The one I received three years ago is working fine and I get many compliments. Thanks again. – Eric M.

I just received my Service Ribbon Ring today. It looks great. Thank you. – Eric S.

I received both Night Patrol Watches today and they’re perfect – better than I imagined. Thank you. – Martin V.

We just received the Military Service Bomber Jacket today. I just want to say I have never been disappointed in any items I have ordered from Veterans Commemoratives. You made an 88 year old Air Force Veteran very happy. Thank you. – Betty W.

My husband’s ring arrived yesterday. I am in awe that you were able to rush his order so quickly for him. I cried when I saw UPS arrive with a very small box and immediately took it to him. He loves it and it fits perfectly! He is not well and had me take it off while he slept but as soon as he awoke again he asked for it and he keeps it by his side. Thank you so much for what you do for our Veterans! – Karen G.

I just received my Navy Vietnam Veterans Ring and it’s beautiful. The detail work is outstanding and very clear. Putting on the ring brought back many wonderful and sad memories of my tour there. I am very satisfied with the ring and the price, and I will certainly refer you to anyone who asks about my ring. Again, thank you for the quick turnaround and the excellent product you produced. – Robert K.

Thank you for my order. I just received my watch. It’s a really good looking watch. I’ve had several people see it and make compliments. It looks like it’s worth more than I paid. Once again, thank you. – Michael M.

I received my Service Dress Ring today and just wanted to commend you on this beautiful piece of jewelry that I will wear with pride. Again, thank you for such a wonderful keepsake that I can one day leave to my oldest grandson. – Phil B.

I received my Navy Career Service Ring on Friday. Beautiful ring … exceeded my expectations. Thank you. – Beryl L.

I received my Army Night Patrol Watch today. It was as expected, engraved and all as requested. I have it on my wrist as I am writing this to you. I am very pleased. Thank you very much. – Lou D.

I just received my Circle of Honor Ring. I’m wearing it and it looks great. Thank you very much. – Rosendo R.

I have received my Military Birthstone Watch and want to thank you very much for the prompt delivery. You performed a fantastic job on the order. I will recommend you to anyone I talk with about the watch. Thanks again. – Nick J.

I received my Military Service Ring on Friday. It’s a beautiful ring and I’m quite satisfied with it. Thank you. – Clint P.

I received the Military Diamond Dress Watch and gave it to my husband early. He loved it! Thank you so much. – Nan H.

I have received my Circle of Honor Ring. I’m very pleased with the extraordinary craftsmanship of this beautiful ring. The price was very reasonable. I would highly recommend this ring to Veterans. I’m proud to wear it. Thank you. – Ron S.

Just a quick note to let you know that my husband was absolutely blown away with his ring. I gave it to him just before we got onto the cruise ship. He must have shown it to a thousand people. Thanks again for being so nice. – Julia C.

My watch arrived much sooner than I expected. It’s exceptionally good looking with just the right amount of details. Thanks for the bonus flag and fast service. – Jim

I received my Night Patrol Watch and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the workmanship and the quality of this watch. I’m proud o be an owner of such a great looking watch. Thank you for providing such fine items for Veterans out here that we are able to purchase. I’m a long-time customer of yours and will continue to be so. – John B.

I received my Desert Storm Ring yesterday via UPS. Needless to say it is fantastic, and I can’t see a day that I won’t proudly wear it. Thank you guys so much. The price of the ring is definitely a bonus, as this ring is without a doubt the highest quality and extremely sharp. – Raymond H.

I received my Military Service Bomber Jacket and I’m very satisfied. Thank you. – Tony R.

I received my Bomber Jacket today. It’s a truly beautiful jacket. Many thanks. – Howard C.

I just received my watch and I love it. Thank you! – Lora S.

Thank you, Veterans Commemoratives. The ring I ordered has arrived and looks great! Good quality work. Thank you. – Murray T.

I received my Military Watch last week and it’s great. I’ve been showing it to everyone I see and they all love it. Thank you. – Benny D.

I just want to express my joy and heartfelt thanks for the beautiful Vietnam/Bronze Star ring. My ring arrived and I’m very happy and pleased to say kudos about it. The pictures of the ring don’t do justice to the gleam and detail of the workmanship. Thank you again. – Al S.











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