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The Cold War Was Like No Other

May 24, 2017

Throughout the course of its existence, the US military has been called upon to protect and defend areas outside of our national borders. In 1947, President Truman announced the Truman Doctrine, which stated the United States would help nations that were under threat from the spread of communism. The implementation of the Truman Doctrine is recognized as the start of the Cold War.

While no large-scale fighting took place between the US and the Soviet Union during the Cold War, our armed services fought in major regional wars whose participants were supported by the two sides. Through these proxy wars, the forces of democracy strove to contain the spread of communism. Over several decades, these two major powers clashed, using the world as their stage. In 1991, the Cold War finally came to a close with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Honoring Veterans Who Served During the Cold War

To honor those who served during the Cold War, regardless of where or when, offers a variety of customized rings, watches and jackets.

  • Our Military Career Service Ring, features a solid 10 karat gold service emblem set atop a polished capstone. The service branch name is sculpted in bold lettering and surrounds the emblem. Your personal career or division insignia is featured on one side of the ring; service emblems on the other side. Made in the U.S., the ring is crafted in Sterling Silver and detailed with 24 karat antiqued gold.
  • The Military Career Watch features a die-struck service branch emblem dial, accented by a genuine diamond at 12 o’clock. The custom watch band is decorated with 23 karat gold and inset with a special service branch Ribbon and your career or division insignia.
  • Veteran Commemorative’s Elite Bomber Jacket is inspired by the historic A-1 Bomber. A variety of Military Service and War Service patches are available for you to customize your jacket. A complimentary American Flag zipper pull is also included. Jackets available in black or brown leather and with optional “Conceal Carry” feature.

Veterans Commemoratives ( is proud to offer commemorative Military Rings, Military Watches, Military Jackets and Military Gifts to our veterans. Visit our website, to see our full line of products.


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