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By Defending Others, We Defend Ourselves

May 19, 2017

Throughout the years, the US military has been called upon to protect and defend areas outside of our borders. After World War II, the US armed services were often called upon to protect areas that were instrumental in stopping the spread of communism. This was part of a domino theory of containment, so named because of the belief that if one area fell to communism, others would fall like dominoes. One of the first areas the US military was called to defend was South Vietnam.

The Vietnam War was fought between November 1, 1955 and August 15, 1973, and included several major offenses by both sides. With the help of other anti-communist countries such as South Korea and Australia, the US military fought hard to keep the communist north from taking over the entire Vietnam peninsula. Today, South Vietnam is still an independent country, thanks to the many brave US soldiers who helped protect it. The Vietnam War is the last war in which the US enforced the draft. From then on, the US military would operate as a fully volunteer force.

Commemorative Items to Honor Your Service is proud to offer commemorative products to honor those who served in Vietnam.

Custom made in the USA, the Vietnam Military Service Ring is a sterling silver ring heavily plated in 24 karat gold. Powerful hand-chiseled lettering of your service branch is engraved on the top across a service capstone that is surrounded by ten cubic zirconia. The Vietnam medal and ribbon are displayed on one side of the ring, while the opposite side features the Vietnam Memorial Wall and the words “YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN.”

The Vietnam War Service Birthstone Ring features a solid 10 karat gold military service emblem mounted on a high polished capstone representing your birthstone. The service branch is boldly cut in gold letters against black enameling. The sides of the ring feature the Vietnam War medal and ribbon and the Vietnam Wall Memorial. Each ring is crafted in the USA of solid sterling silver and detailed in 24 karat antiqued gold.

The Vietnam Veteran Service Watch features either a Vietnam service or Vietnam veteran dial. The Vietnam Service Ribbon is above the dial, while the service branch is below the dial. The stainless steel band is finished in rugged black plating with a contrasting golden bezel.

The Vietnam Night Patrol Tactical Black Watch features either the Vietnam veteran or Vietnam service war medal on a rugged PU black rubber band. Engraved with your initials, service branch and years of service, your watch will be presented in a tin gift box featuring a Vietnam emblem.

The Vietnam War Service Wallet, made of genuine black leather, features a Vietnam Service Medal to proudly honor your service to our country.

When you purchase from Veterans Commemoratives, your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%. If you are not satisfied, you may return it within 30 days for a replacement or refund.

Since 1987, Veterans Commemoratives has been leading the way in honoring Military Veterans who have served in Vietnam as well as WWII, Korean War, Desert Storm, Afghanistan and Iraq. To find out more about the products listed above, as well as other highly customized Military Rings, Military Watches, Military Jackets and Military gifts visit our website,


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