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Remembering Military Families On Veterans Day

March 18, 2015

Veterans Day is an important day to every American. This is a special day set aside to remember the service of military personnel and the sacrifices that each one has made. These sacrifices benefit everyone and so it is everyone’s responsibility and patriotic duty to reflect on the importance of the work done by the veterans of today and yesterday. Veterans do not serve independently, however. They are supported by a host of family members back home. Friends, well-wishers, and community members also participate in this support. This year, when you thank a veteran for their service to the United States, thank their family, too. Support for Veterans Makes a Difference Veterans will frequently tell you that if it were not for the support of their family, their service experience would have been very different. Family members often play a key role in encouraging aspiring service members through the rigorous process of application and training. Even though each service member has mad


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