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Cotton Canvas Ranch And Field Jacket

The cotton field jacket became popular when Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver showed the protagonist, Travis Bickle, driving through the murky New York streets of the 1970s, wearing a worn-out field jacket.

Robert De Niro’s character was a disaffected Marine Corps veteran and made the field jacket one of the most mainstream jackets worn today. These post-war jackets are a sought-after apparel item, much in demand among people wishing to display their love and appreciation for honorable servicemen who fought for the country. These sturdy jackets also make for a comfortable year-round attire.

While many Field field jackets can be found at Army Surplus stores, Veterans Commemorative’s Cotton Canvas Ranch and Field Jacket is as close to a genuine field jacket as you can get. It was created by Burks Bay, the company selected by NASA to manufacture its MA-1 flight jacket for the Kennedy Space Center.

This sturdy, all-weather jacket is a befitting token of respect and gratitude for servicemen who served and sacrificed for our nation’s pride, glory, and democracy. The jacket is made of a 12 oz. washed 100% cotton khaki shell and lined with a 10 oz. plaid reinforced lining of acrylic and nylon, making it warm and weatherproof. Triple-stitched seams render the jacket durable at stress points. The inner pocket and two outer side pockets are roomy enough to carry a large-sized mobile phone, wallet, ID card, or other essentials.Its snap-closure cuffs and adjustable tab waistband, and heavy-duty zipper.

War veterans will appreciate these utilitarian jackets embellished with a war veteran patch and an American flag motif, which can be added just for an extra $20 each. All service patches are procured from licensed suppliers and choices range from U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force, Vietnam Veteran, and U.S. Coast Guard.

Tailor-made patches can be made to order. You’ll also get a FREE “Proud to be a Veteran” zipper pull along with these value-added features.

Two inner concealed pockets with holster straps may be added for just $30 extra-indeed a great feature for those licensed to carry firearms or for securing valuables.

Basic version of these field jackets cost $99 and they are available in sizes ranging from Small to 3XL. Customer satisfaction is our aim and we promise a full refund or exchange policy within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with our product.

Not only do theses commemorative field jackets make a thoughtful gift, they can be worn by war veterans to pay homage to people who impacted their life and military career or as a remembrance of their service career. Decorated with service badges, a personalized commemorative field jacket is bound to bring smiles on the recipients’ face. They are a heartfelt tribute to war heroes- many of whom lost their lives fighting for our great motherland- to show that their service is acknowledged, admired, and revered.

Veterans Commemoratives


Christmas Gifts

It just seems like yesterday that you celebrated the holiday season. It’s always a great feeling spending time with your friends and family. This time of the year is made even more beautiful the twinkling lights, the decorations, the delicious spread on the menu and of course, a layer of snow makes it magical.

It almost transports us to another world, taking us back to our childhood and bringing out the kid in us. And I’m sure every child cherishes the memories of the gifts they get to unwrap during this time. The excitement of receiving a gift isn’t as pronounced in adults but it still feels good to know that your loved ones thought about you.

While getting gifts feels great, planning a gift someone involves a lot of effort. You’ve got to rack your brains to make sure the gift isn’t similar to the one you gave last year or something that everyone would think of giving.

Here’s a list that you could run through to generate gift ideas for your loved ones this holiday season.

What Do They Enjoy: This one’s pretty obvious, and almost everyone would generally go for the most common or prominent thing they are buying a gift for.  This year try and dig a little deeper, and go beyond the usual things they seem to enjoy in everyone’s company.

If you put in a little effort you’ll find a lot of ideas. For example, if they enjoy spy or war movies a movie DVD or a box set of tv series might be a common gift idea. What about a night patrol watch? It is a unique gift that they can proudly wear. It will serve as an addition to their war-themed memorabilia and they could literally wear their patriotism on their sleeve.

It doesn’t have to be gift wrapped: Many people aren’t too materialistic, or they already have what they want. For those select ones, an experience is something they would cherish.

Experiences are priceless. Maybe they have always wanted to see the big game live, or a Broadway show that you’ve often heard them talk about. Tickets to these events could bring a smile on their face this holiday season.

Clueless? If you’ve racked your brains enough and still can’t think of anything, the failsafe method is to ask! If you haven’t spent a lot of time around them lately, and are supposed to meet them over the holidays, ask people who are always around them. Cousins, uncles, aunts or their kids are all good choices.

With all the latest electronics gadgets and designer wear finding a gift for the millennials is relatively easy. But gifting something that stands out, and will not fade away by the next holiday season is both difficult to find and also something the receiver would have close to their hearts.

If you’re looking for a range of gifts that are sure to make an impression this season check out customized jackets, watches, knives and other apparel at our store.

Military Commemorative Holiday Gifts

Paying Tribute to Military Service Men and Women

Whether they currently serve or have served their country, military personnel are among the most honorable group of people around. Their great sacrifice and commitment makes it possible for American citizens today to live in a free and prosperous country. As a token of appreciation for their dedication and hard work, consider giving your loved one a commemorative gift to symbolize the honor and dignity they inspire in others.

Commemorative gifts are suitable for any military serviceman or woman who has at some point or another served their country in the army, navy, air force, coast guard or marines. Regardless of their rank or station, these gifts serve to honor and demonstrate support for these countrymen in all walks of their military careers.

Honor Those Who Are No Longer With Us

Some service men and women are not with us today for you to tell or show them how much you appreciate their sacrifice, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t show their families, loved ones and the world that they aren’t forgotten. Some commemorative gifts are designed to honor those who have passed away during or after proudly serving their country. Commemorative gifts such as personalized apparel, statues, rings, necklaces, and plaques are great items to ensure that those military heroes that are no longer among us are acknowledged, missed and never forgotten.

Appreciation for Self

If you are currently serving or once served your country in the military, you should always do something to show yourself appreciation. Even though there are many people in the world who love, respect and honor you for your sacrifice, you need to be happy with your sacrifice too. Whether you have participated in military campaigns, have a rank or simply want to pay homage to a specific date, time or event in your military career, you can do so with a commemorative gift. Let the world and your loved ones know just how proud you are to be a vet.

Selecting the Right Commemorative Item

Choose your gifts based on your or the recipient’s style, personality, and preferences.  Commemorative gifts are very affordable and easy to find online. Whether you need a gift for a special occasion or simply want to give a thoughtful gift for no reason at all, anything that you give is bound to put a smile on his or her face once they open it. 

Honor, Acknowledge and Say Thank You

Many gifts can be engraved. Add an extra touch by having your commemorative gifts personalized so that they will hold more sentimental value for the recipient. Even if you don’t know much about their career, any information that you do know pertaining to their branch of service, military rank, and emblems all make great personal inscriptions to get engraved on any commemorative gift to pay tribute to your loved one’s military career.

Don’t wait until Veteran’s Day to say thank you, Christmas is almost here. No matter the time of year, each time you see a loved one or a local vet in your community, remember that person committed a great deal of their time to the military. And regardless if that person decided to make a career out of it or not, the amount of time that they did serve deserves to be recognized, acknowledged and honored.

Veterans Commemoratives

Planning An Outdoor Barbecue Party

Can you think of a better way to enjoy a long weekend, than having a good old-fashioned barbecue in the outdoors? Host a fun barbecue party in your backyard, or a park. You can enjoy the beautiful weather outside with your family and friends. Fire up the barbecue grill, play some exciting games and make some beautiful memories with your loved ones.

If you’re wondering how to begin planning this party, look no further. We have some great ideas on how you can make your party a huge success!


Once you’ve zeroed in on the outdoor party venue, it’s time to think about decorations. If you’re missing the beach this summer, you can have a Hawaii themed party. Ask the men to attend wearing their Hawaiian shirts and let the ladies sport their grass skirts. 

You could also bring out your patriotic colors and set the table with red and blue cups for the drinks and red or blue paper napkins and white plates. Stack them up next to each other and there you have it, a running theme of red, white and blue.


Now that the decorations have been taken care of, let’s move to the menu, shall we? Continue with the American theme and go with the classics. Burgers, sausages, corn on the cob, assorted skewers are all great barbecue options. Combine that with a hearty potato salad, some pickles, and fries.

For dessert, you could serve apple pie with vanilla ice cream sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. If you’re a chocolate person go with a rich chocolate cake instead. Most bakeries will sell cupcakes with different kinds of frosting on them. They’ll also go well with your decorations. Add that to your menu if you like. The kids are sure to love them.


What’s a party without fun games! Since this is an outdoor party, organize some good old outdoor games like tag, volleyball, hopscotch or an exciting treasure hunt.

After the meal, everyone will be feeling full and lazy. This would be the perfect time for something a little less tiring. How about playing games that remind everyone of our forefathers and what our country is all about! 

A quiz based on U.S. history or a game of “matching states with their capitals” would be perfect for the occasion. To get everyone on board, you could present the quiz in the form of your favorite game show.

Get the participants excited about the game by offering the winner a prize. And what better idea could there be as a prize for the patriotic quiz, than a U.S. Military Service Wallet. You can find many more all-American gift ideas by browsing the website. While you’re at it, make sure you check out the Watches section.

These tips are sure to help you have a fun-filled barbecue party.

On Veterans Day We Honor our Military

“We remember those who were called upon to give all a person can give, and we remember those who were prepared to make that sacrifice if it were demanded of them in the line of duty, though it never was. Most of all, we remember the devotion and gallantry with which all of them ennobled their nation as they became champions of a noble cause.” – Ronald Reagan

The History of Veterans Day

Although the signing of the Treaty of Versailles officially ended World War I on June 28, 1919, the fighting ceased several months prior to that, when an armistice between the Allies and Germany went into effect at the 11th hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, on November 11, 1918.

In November 1919, President Wilson proclaimed November 11th as Armistice Day, a day to honor those who served in World War I. However, with the greatest mobilization of Armed Forces during World War II, and millions more serving in the Korean War, Veterans’ service organizations lobbied for a change. In 1954 Congress approved the recommendation and replaced the world “Armistice” with “Veterans.” On June 1, 1954, November 11 was proclaimed Veterans Day, a day to honor American veterans of all wars for their patriotism and bravery in serving our country.

How Our Country Celebrates

Each year the Veterans Day National Ceremony is held at Arlington National Cemetery. At exactly 11:00 am, a wreath is placed at the Tomb of the Unknowns, and is followed by a parade of colors and speeches. Throughout the country, Veterans march in parades, and ceremonies take place in both small towns and large cities.

Interesting Facts About Veterans and Veterans Day

  • In 1968, Congress passed the Uniform Holiday Bill, changing the date of Veterans Day to the fourth Monday of October beginning in 1971. However, because of the significance of the date, Veterans Day was moved back to November 11 in 1978.
  • Several other countries honor their World War I and World War II Veterans each year. Britain celebrates Remembrance Day on the second Sunday of November, while Canada honors their Veterans on Remembrance Day on November 11. France and Australia also commemorate their Veterans around the 11th of November.
  • According to recent statistics, there are 18.5 million US Veterans. 9.2 million of those Veterans are over the age of 65.
  • There are only three states that are home to more than 1 million Veterans: California (1.8 million); Florida (1.5 million); Texas (1.7 million).
  • An American soldier was buried at Arlington National Cemetery on November 11, 1921. As his identity was unknown, his gravesite is known as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. On each Veterans Day, a wreath is placed on his grave by the President or a high-ranking government member.
  • Veterans Day is occasionally misspelled. It does not include an apostrophe because it is not a day that belongs to veterans but a day that honors veterans.

Veterans Commemoratives is proud to honor our Veterans and to thank them for their services to our country. On November 11, please join us in celebrating our Veterans and letting them know that we appreciate their bravery and their patriotism in order to keep our country safe. Thank you.

Honoring Our Military Families

“The day you married a service member is the day you joined the military.”

November is a time of thanks. Later this month many of us will gather with family and friends to watch football games or a parade, and to celebrate Thanksgiving. But this year remember to also give thanks to the families of our military.

First celebrated in 1993, November was chosen as Family Military Appreciation Month. The following year President Clinton issued a proclamation establishing National Military Families Recognition Day. Subsequent presidents also issued proclamations, and Congress passed a resolution designating the entire month as Military Family Month. During the month of November, the families are honored and recognized for their commitment, sacrifice and support of the military.

Although family members may not wear a uniform of the armed forces, they are supporting their family – whether it’s a son or daughter, husband or wife, sister or brother – as they serve their country. Hundreds of thousands of troops are deployed overseas. It is important to recognize not only those individuals, but the families who are making daily sacrifices while their loved ones are bravely serving our nation. While they are in combat and keeping our nation safe, they are often missing holidays, birthdays, and important family events.

On Friday, November 11th and Saturday November 12th there will be many official ceremonials marking “Veterans Day 2017” in thousands of communities, small and large, throughout America.

Veterans Commemoratives is proud to honor our military families. Please join us in showing your gratitude to military families, each and every day, and letting them know of your support as their loved ones serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. Thank you.

“VETERANS COMMEMORATIVES: A DAY IN HISTORY” – The U.S. Navy Turns 242 on October 13

“I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction: ‘I served in the United States Navy.'” – John F. Kennedy

On October 13, 1775, the Second Continental Congress passed a resolution creating the Continental Navy. It was during the American Revolution when the Continental Congress purchased and converted a fleet of small ships. Their purpose was not to control the seas against the British, but to intercept the vessels that were carrying supplies to the British army in the U.S.

After the war ended the Navy was disbanded. However, with trade expanding in the late 1790s, and threats of further attacks by pirates, George Washington established the Naval Act of 1794, creating a permanent U.S. Navy. As part of the act, six warships were authorized. While the original Continental Navy had been disbanded, October 13 is still considered the official birthday of the United States Navy.

The Navy has played an important role during the history of the United States. During the Civil War, the Navy blockaded Confederate armies and seized control of the Southern rivers. Although many of the ships were outdated in the 1880s, Congress approved building new battleships toward the end of the 19th century. After winning two major battles during the Spanish-American War, the Navy continued to build more ships. By the end of World War I, the U.S. Navy had more men and women than the Royal Navy.

The Navy built several more aircraft carriers and battleships prior to World War II and finally entered the war after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. The U.S. Navy played a major role during the remainder of World War II and the defeat of Japan, including the Battle of Midway. At that time, there were more than 1,600 warships in the Navy.

More recently, the Navy participated in the Korean War, Vietnam War and Gulf War. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the U.S. Navy was considered the undisputed naval superpower. With more than 300,000 personnel on active duty and 100,000 in the Naval Reserve, today’s U.S. Navy remains an impressive presence throughout the world.

Veterans Commemoratives ( celebrates the 242nd Anniversary of the U.S. Navy, and proudly honors veterans who have served in the United States Military.

  • U.S. NAVY CAREER SERVICE RINGS: Handcrafted in America our Career Service Ring features a sculpted Navy Service emblem and Career Insignia. Each ring is created with a combination of Gold and Silver, personal birthstones, and your engraved initials and years of service.
  • U.S. NAVY DIAMOND & BIRTHSTONE SERVICE WATCHES: Each watch dial is minted like a coin, capturing every detail of your Service Branch emblem. The two-toned stainless steel dress bracelet is customized with personal monograms and brilliant birthstones above and below the dial. Other personalized options include Navy Career Emblems, and War Service Medals.
  • U.S. NAVY “NIGHT PATROL” TACTICAL BLACK WATCH: This unique watch features a large easy to read dial with your Service Emblem raised and polished above a black enamel background. The black case and strong PVC band complete the “Tactical” precision look as a tribute to your service to our country.
  • U.S. MILITARY MA-1 “BRAVO” JACKET: Comfort rated to NASA specs, our Bravo jacket is designed for three season wear. Available in gunmetal black or military sage green water-resistant polyester, each jacket is highly personalized with your service branch and optional War Service and American Flag patches.

Since 1987, Veterans Commemoratives has been providing customized military rings, watches, jackets and gift items to honor Military Veterans who have served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Desert Storm. For more information about our products, visit our website,